Organic Waste Management

If you’re looking for a naturally efficient way to dispose of organic waste from your restaurant or any food or organic waste creation facility, GEM, through our organic waste recycling can provide you with the disposal option you require.

At GEM we will provide the necessary infrastructure, including storage containers and transport, as well as the training and support you need in order to ensure your food recycling system works for your facility. 

Organic Waste Management ensures that no food lands up in landfill, and a total Zero Waste approach is implemented, by diverting your food scraps and any other organic waste to composting farms, larvae farms or for the creation of bio-energy. 


  1. Raise your recycling rates
  2. Increase landfill diversion rates
  3. Implement a cost effective, environmentally- friendly disposal option
  4. Create Greener image amongst your employees and customers.