School Waste Management 

At GEM, we believe in helping schools and learning institutions, realize greater economic and environmental benefit from their waste programs.


As your partner, we’ll work with you to create waste minimization and recycling programs and systems that are cost effective and create a positive impact in your school or institution.


In many cases, the programs we recommend can become rich learning experiences for students, parents, teachers, even maintenance and kitchen staff.


All our Waste Management Solutions, are tailor made and customized for your School or Institution, taking all various factors into account, allowing GEM to Present you with a Cost Effective, Efficient, Sustainable and Environmentally Conscious Proposal. 


Our Promise to you:

  • REDUCE the amount of Solid General Waste Generated

  • REUSE the material for what it was intended OR RECYCLE the material that cannot be reused.

  • RECOVER, in an environmentally friendly manner all Waste that cannot be recycled for Energy Creation

  • DISPOSE of any Solid Waste, complying to Legislation, that cannot be Reused, Reduced or Recycled in the correct manner.


All Our Proposals include:


Recycling as the Main Source of our Waste Solution Proposal


Waste Management


School Event Recycling Management


Education and Training





GEM Recycling Campaigns Will Assist your School in making your Recycling Initiative more visible, promoting Leaners to contribute. This Initiative will increase your Recycling, which all contributes towards your Rebates, which will reduce or eliminate your overall Waste Management cost.


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We have qualified teams dedicated to servicing the Schooling Sector.



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All our Waste Management Systems, include the Cradle to Grave approach, leaving all our clients with the peace of mind that all supporting documentation and paper trails are in place for the Disposal of all Waste. Waste Management reports for our Total Waste Management Solution clients, allow traceable records of all Waste removed from your premises, as well as a clear indication of your contribution to the vision of Zero Waste to Landfill, through recycling initiatives.

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