Mission and Vision




At Gauteng Environmental Management (Pty) Ltd, we’re passionate about living our mission and core values as a community partner and demonstrating our dedication to the environment, through all the services we offer.


Our Sustainability Mission: 

To provide the most cost effective, environmentally sound solution for our Clients waste disposal needs while striving to reduce material waste, generate clean renewable energy and make recycling easier and more accessible to all the Gauteng Province and the rest of South Africa.


Serving our Community:

Nothing means more to us than serving our City.  Gauteng is our home and it is our priority, to make a difference in the lives of people as we build a legacy of sustainable living in Gauteng and the rest of South Africa.


Staying Innovative:

Our Passionate commitment to set the standard when it comes to business waste solutions and recycling technology. But above all, we want to be a company that Gauteng can rely on—to help make the quality of life in our City the best it can be.


Caring for the Environment:

At Gauteng Environmental Management (Pty) Ltd, care of the environment is at the very heart of our business passion. We strive to educate our community about the virtues of recycling and lead today’s charge in creating a cleaner and more sustainable environment.


Our Core Values 


SAFETY – In everything we do we are committed to putting safety first.



  • Be safe and cautious in everything we do

  • Lead the safety drive through our own actions

  • Condone business in a way that eliminates any risks, injury or harm

  • Consider the importance and impact on Life first; then act

  • Recognize and reward safety


RELIABILITY – We pride ourselves in positive long term relationships with our customers



  • Seeking ways to streamline processes to improve performance

  • Taking responsibility for the customers concern and manage their expectations and outcomes of services delivered

  • Be flexible, responsive and courteous in all dealings with customers

  • Mentor, coach, encourage and support people to achieve their full potential

  • Collaborate with other teams to maximize the efficiency of the business

  • Sharing information in a timely manner


Sustainability – The decisions we make will ensure a future for our environment and our business



  • Ensure decisions made reflects commercial considerations and laws

  • Care for business resources as if it were our own personal property

  • Deal effectively with poor performances

  • Demonstrate high levels of environmental awareness and act as responsible citizens

  • Help others to achieve balance in their environments

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