Demolition Services

GEM Demolition in association with San Salvage (Pty) Ltd offers a full-service demolition service. We demolish buildings, infrastructure, interior, and steel structures.


Safety on Demolition Projects is our Main Responsibility and concern, ensuring that our Clients are provided incident free demolition.


Building Demolition 


Building demolition is one of our core markets. Houses, commercial structures, retail structures, industrial plants, hospitals, parking garages, and schools are all examples of buildings we demolish. Our customers for these projects are both public and private industries. Our access to a fleet of excavators and skid steers are utilized to demolish buildings.




Infrastructure is another market that is growing for rapidly. Bridges, waste water treatment plants, steel structures and water towers are some of the infrastructure projects that require to be demolished.


Interior Demolitions.


Many customers require interior demolition services during renovations projects. Most of these projects are highly sensitive and require personnel that are very careful not to jeopardize existing operations. It is important to protect items to remain on these projects and to use proper ventilation.


GEM, is able to offer all services related to Demolition, from the actual demolition, to the salvage, rubble removal and disposal.


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