GEM Industrial

GEM Industrial Division, providing specialized Waste Management Solutions specifically related to the Industrial Industry. GEM has identified the main Waste Requirements within the Industrial Sector, and ensures that an Integrated Waste Solution designed for companies in this sector is Presented, which is not only efficient, sustainable and environmentally aligned, but cost effective too.


GEM provides all Waste Management services as a Turn-Key solution, from General Waste removal and Hazardous Waste Management to Implementing Rebate Recycling Systems.


We have qualified teams dedicated to servicing the Industrial Sector.

All our Waste Management Systems, include the Cradle to Grave approach, leaving all our clients with the peace of mind that all supporting documentation and paper trails are in place for the Disposal of all Waste. Waste Management reports for our Total Waste Management Solution clients, allow traceable records of all Waste removed from your premises, as well as a clear indication of your contribution to the vision of Zero Waste to Landfill, through recycling initiatives.

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