Our Core Values


The decisions we make will ensure a future for our environment and our business.


  • Ensure decisions made reflects commercial considerations and laws
  • Care for business resources as if it were our own personal property
  • Deal effectively with poor performances
  • Demonstrate high levels of environmental awareness and act as responsible citizens
  • Help others to achieve balance in their environments


We pride ourselves in positive long-term relationships with our customers.


  • Seeking ways to streamline processes to improve performance
  • Taking responsibility for the customers concern and manage their expectations and outcomes of services delivered
  • Be flexible, responsive and courteous in all dealings with customers
  • Mentor, coach, encourage and support people to achieve their full potential
  • Collaborate with other teams to maximize the efficiency of the business
  • Sharing information in a timely manner


In everything we do we are committed to putting safety first.


  • Be safe and cautious in everything we do
  • Lead the safety drive through our own actions
  • Condone business in a way that eliminates any risks, injury or harm
  • Consider the importance and impact on Life first; then act
  • Recognize and reward safety